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Nicole T.

Just because a lawyer has a commercial doesn’t mean they actually do anything for the client. That’s what I’ve learned. I was in a pretty bad auto accident in June of this year. I hired one of those terrible firms from TV who promptly dropped my case when they found out the payoff wasn’t going to make their pockets fat. Not Abdul! He and his partner drove all the way to AJ to complete their initial consultation, and I hired them on the spot. He told me all of my options, both he and his partner were extremely respectful, prompt and kept me informed every step of the way. Best of all, I was treated like a person. I wasn’t handed off for a paralegal to deal with, they dealt with me via phone pretty much once or twice per week. They were very fast as well! We settled in only a month! I highly recommend these awesome attorneys and if I ever need a personal injury lawyer in the future, the only person I will be calling is Abdul. Thanks so much, guy! Very pleased!!

Abigail R.

Abdul is absolutely AMAZING! After a really bad experience with another firm, being in a lot of pain Abdul came to my home and was kind and impressed my husband, and I not only with his understanding and kindness towards our situation but amazed us with his experience and knowledge in handling these types of cases. He has responded personally very quickly and my mind was laid at ease to know that such a wonderful person was handling my family and our case with care and the experience necessary. I also met a colleague at the same firm a few days later by the name of Brandon. He was just as sweet and compassionate as Abdul. I will always refer all my loved ones in need of their assistance to them and I know that if ever I am in an accident again these guys are my first call. See for yourself how truly amazing these gentlemen are. Give them a call and find out for yourself. I truly do not think there is another firm better than AJ LAW, PLC for your accident.

Jessica L.

Abdul was very helpful to me in my car accident case. He is very knowledgeable in every aspect of dealing with the insurance companies and doctors! I will forever refer him to anyone I know who might need his help! I am very happy with my settlement and everything he has done for me!

Jessica O.

AJ was very professional, honest and worked hard to get us what we deserved after we were using a different TV law firm, never again will we use anyone else. He worked fast and my kids loved him it l. We loved his personal yet professional approach.

J. O.

Absolutely hands down would recommend AJ LAW to anyone needing honest and committed representation! He was fast, efficient, friendly, and determined. He got us justice in a quick time frame after taking our case over from big tv commercial law firms who did nothing but take our money. He is a man of his word and belongs in the justice system, he is a great person and an even better lawyer! Thanks so much, AJ!

Michelle C.

AJ went above and beyond for us I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. He was there the whole time. If you need someone who cares he is the person. He makes sure you are getting what you deserve and cares what happened to you. Everyone in his firm is really friendly and is very helpful.

Jose J.

First I wanted to thank AJ for his brilliant work on my case. Many others had said that I was fighting a losing case, but AJ said otherwise. He is an excellent lawyer and a hard worker that gets the job done. If I could rate him 20 stars I would in less than a heartbeat! I highly recommend him for anyone in need of a superb lawyer. Unlike most lawyers who only take easy cases, AJ is not afraid to take on a difficult case. Once again thank you AJ.

Kimberly B.

Outstanding attorney! Abdul (AJ), took on my personal injury case and personally worked it. He drove around and gathered invoices from the different facilities while he kept us in the loop every step of the way. We were in a bind, financially, he made sure that we got our case solved lightning fast. He drove to our home, he explained the process, and he made sure we understood. He was thorough, very professional and most importantly, available. He answered my questions in a timely manner, every time. I felt as if I were his only client. I would recommend him to the WORLD. He’s my attorney, for life!!

Jessica O.

We had terrible experiences with other lawyers that had big bucks to advertise. Aj was amazing, after having our case that took over a year go nowhere with another law firm Aj took over our case and fought and got us what we deserved in a 4-month span! We won’t ever use another lawyer again. He is so trustworthy, professional and explained everything in detail. We felt very comfortable hiring him and plan to in the future if necessary! You won’t regret choosing Aj!

Kimberly A.

My husband was in a major car accident, after going to a bigger firm they dropped our case and we had other lawyers tell us they couldn’t help. But not Abdul. He was up for the challenge, he knew that we were bring wronged and really came up to bat for us. I never once worried or had any doubt in my mind that he wasn’t working for us. He is extremely knowledgeable and fights the good fight. Everyone on his staff is friendly kind and genuinely cares about you. We both felt completely taken care of. We recommend him to anyone who needs someone on there side. Because he will be on your side!

Mauricio L.

Excellent lawyer to work with, he worked my girlfriend’s case and was very prompt and he helped her a lot, case got resolved and he was very courteous and also very informative, definitely we recommend him and would continue to work with him in the future if we ever need another lawyer, he got her accident case resolved really quickly!

Aidee H.

They handled my case very well. I was very happy with the results. They took great care of me.

A. Z.

I am an FT rideshare driver and my sedan was T-boned by an SUV that crossed on purpose 4 traffic lanes, including double yellows and a turning lane and hit me. The perpetrator said she never saw me. (Well, of course not, she wasn’t looking!) She completely took off my mirror and my door will have to be replaced. Since there is nothing for the mirror to attach to, I cannot drive my vehicle even though it is operable. My car isn’t worth much, so it will certainly be “totaled” by the insurance company.

After the police report was made, I drove my rider home and drove myself to the hospital. Another rideshare driver on a forum highly recommended AJ Law, so I phoned Abdul from the hospital bed at 11:00 PM on a Thursday night. He does cases based upon contingency at 33% of winnings. Since I have no money, this is GREAT news for me.

He answered the phone…at 11:00 at night.

I got advice from him about which insurance to use when checking out of the hospital (personal) and we made an appointment for the next day (Friday) at a satellite office near my apartment. There, we discussed my case and all the details FREE of charge!

Thankfully, his office is doing all the leg-work and I have been told not to talk to anyone. This is a HUGE relief because Uber, their insurance, the perpetrator’s insurance, and my insurance all want to talk to me. That’s 4 agents. It’s too much for me to handle. Abdul is trying to get me an Uber-friendly car rental ASAP and is sympathetic to the fact that I am now missing out on driving during a double holiday weekend. (That’s Valentines and Presidents’ Day!)

Abdul is going after the perp’s insurance, at a minimum, for 1. Loss of wages; 2. Property damages; 3. Medical bills; 4. Pain & suffering. He says I have a good case.

03/04/2018: Progressive wanted to total my car out for $5K cash or pay me $3K for repairs with a Salvage Title. Since I cannot be a driver for Uber/Lyft with a Salvage Title, AJ’s team pressured Progressive into accepting legal documents stating that I released them of liability over $3K. So, because of AJ’s team, I was able to get my car repaired, keep a clean title, pocket $800, and KEEP MY LIVELIHOOD.

Personal injury awards are still being processed.

Esme G.

This has got to the best attorney! I got rear-ended by a car a few years ago the impact was so big that my car hit the car in front of me the lady didn’t want to take responsibility after the hit I ended up getting an attorney in which didn’t do anything for those two years and gave me the roundabout he pretty much let me know he couldn’t do anything for me anymore since it was a complicated case I found AJ and it was the best thing I could’ve done he explained everything clearly worked on the case within a few months solved the case!!! He is amazing at what he does and 100% recommend him.

Kimberly Anzar

Abdul is a wonderful lawyer. We’ve worked with him on two different car accidents and he worked extremely hard for us. I enjoyed meeting him and everyone that works at AJ law. They are so kind and helpful. I recommended them to friends, family and clients of mine. Abdul is knowledgeable and will guide you through the entire process. He really came through for my husband and me. We are eternally grateful that we were referred to him and believe you will be as well. It was really something to have someone who doesn’t know us stand by our side and fight for our case. Thanks, Abdul you are the absolute best!!!

Emmanuel Pacheco

Thank you for all the help care and your support great staff

Jessica Lamken

Abdul has helped me so much after my car accident. He is very knowledgeable and personable, I would recommend him to everyone!

Zabi Habibi

Great team that can handle your injury cases professionally and perfectly, Thank you AJ LAW.

Paola Jiovanni and Destiny

Thank you, AJ and the staff for all your help in my accident, I would not know how to deal with the accident if it wasn’t for your Help! Thank you so much, God bless you all!

Aidee Hernandez

Great team to work with. I was very pleased with the results. Thank you AJ LAW, for your professionalism.


Abdul has been a great help in everything and has got this done Swiftly for us. He has been more than helpful and successful in the things we needed. I would recommend him to anyone for any reason. He is trustworthy and knowledgeable.


He was very caring and was very nice throughout the whole case. He always kept me updated and made sure I knew what was going on. I really appreciated the time he took on my case and the work he put in.


He did everything he promised! The first time we met he told me the steps he was going to take. He over delivered on his promise when other lawyers failed me. He went the extra miles to travel to meet me when I couldn’t travel. He is never too busy to answer my calls or texts. He cared about me and very passionate about doing the right thing. He won’t allow any lawyers or insurance companies screw with my case. I can’t thank him enough. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.


Very good. Honest and informative. I will use him again and recommend him. He never left me in the dark. I always knew what was going on in my case.


What can I say, Abdul is not only an excellent lawyer but he is also a very caring person. I don’t consider him my lawyer I consider him a family friend. He has not only dealt with my case, but he also helped my daughter and she was also very satisfied. If your ever in a wreck don’t give it a second thought Abdul is definitely the man you want to go too.


Abdul represented me in a personal injury case. He is knowledgeable and determined. He spent sufficient time on my case to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. He is aggressive and was able to get my case resolved quickly.
Through the process, Abdul maintained great communication with me and listened to my concerns. He met with me if I had any questions or concerns.

Abdul conducted himself in a professional and trustworthy manner.

I will definitely use this attorney again and recommend him to my colleagues, family and friends.


Thank you for everything, I am very satisfied with all the work you have for me. Always answering my calls and keeping me informed about my case. I will always come back to you in case of another emergency. Thank you once again.


Death case

My son was killed in a truck/car accident, leaving behind a large extended family. Abdul and his partner, came right out to our house and spoke to several of us and explained what he could do. It was an involved case but Abdul went out of his way to help. I was especially impressed by how he kept us updated. Most attorneys do not do that! Abdul is also a caring person. I highly recommend you hire Abdul if you want a progressive attorney who will go out of his way for you!