Serious Injuries And Wrongful Death
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Advocating For Victims Of Serious Injuries And Wrongful Death

Are you and your loved ones still devastated over the passing of a relative in an accident? Have you suffered a life changing injury that leaves you worried about your future?

Poorly trained truckers in enormous commercial vehicles have been known to collide violently with motorists in smaller conventional vehicles, causing catastrophic, life-changing injuries to driver and passengers alike. A car or truck can strike an unprotected motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian, resulting in concussion, broken bones, and ongoing neck and back pain for the vulnerable injured person.

Are you or a family member struggling to recover from a coma, paralysis, amputation, permanent scarring or disfigurement after an accident you did not cause? Are you a victim of medical mal practice? Did a hospital, physician or nurse fall below the standard of care?

If one of these tragedies has befallen you or your family in the State of Arizona, you have important legal and financial interests that must be protected and time is of the essence. To increase your chances of receiving the maximum compensation you deserve for your loss, you should speak with the experienced attorneys at AJ LAW, PLC, right away.

We are your serious injury and fatal accident lawyers. In each and every personal injury claim we take on, our goal is simple: justice for you. To that end, we carefully examine every detail of your accident with full access to the Valley’s best expert and investigative resources. We present the full facts of your case to effectively negotiate with the insurance company of the negligent party, employing our extensive background in insurance law to anticipate opposing counsel’s tactics during settlement negotiations. If necessary, we forcefully advocate for a sidelined victim, or family grieving a relative’s wrongful death, in court before judge and jury.

Years Of Trusted Experience, A Tradition Of Personal Service And A Proven Track Record Of Success

AJ LAW is a referral based firm. Our clients come from recommendations of friends and families, not from ads on billboards and buses. You will receive personal representation from a qualified attorney that is always available to speak with you directly.

You are the clients we faithfully serve, today and every day, at AJ LAW. To schedule a free consultation at our law offices, call 602-904-7233 or stay online to reach us by email.

Home and hospital room visits are available on request. We provide legal services on a contingency fee basis. You owe no attorney fees unless we successfully resolve your case.