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The Facts You Need About Medical Liens And Expenses

If the injuries sustained in your accident have hospitalized you, the hospital will be seeking payment— which brings up the topic of medical liens and billing of health care expenses.

Many times, accident injury victims are worried about how they will pay their medical expenses. Some don’t have health insurance and think they cannot get the treatment they need.

There is a large community of medical providers who are experienced in treating personal injury victims that will provide you the care you need with no upfront costs. A lien agreement can get you the treatment you need and allow you to pay for your care after you resolve your claim.

Hospitals and other providers often try to use Arizona’s lien laws to their advantage through balance billing. Very few law firms are aware of the impact medical liens and other third party interests can have on their client’s recovery— but AJ LAW, PLC, is. This is a complex and often overlooked element of personal injury law. The protection of your reimbursement rights after your recovery from an accident is just one of many quality legal services that we offer. We stay abreast of the ongoing changes in the reimbursement laws to get the best results for our clients.

Here’s the good news. If you work with an experienced attorney who understands medical liens, balance billing, health insurance subrogation and other third party interest — if you are injured and do not have health insurance — our law firm can help negotiate and assist with the delivery of appropriate medical treatment from beginning to end of your journey.

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