Property Damage Claims
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Fighting For The Property Damage Compensation You Deserve

Was the damage to your vehicle only partially covered? Was your car or motorcycle deemed a total loss? Storage and towing expenses stacking up? Are you having trouble getting into a rental car? Do you have a loss of use claim?

When the insurance coverage you deserve for property damage is delayed or denied, the law firm to come to — with skilled attorneys who practiced insurance law for many years — is AJ LAW, PLC.

Our detail-minded, client-focused lawyers assess the damage to your car, truck or motorcycle, and work hard to negotiate a favorable result for the true value of your vehicle. If your insurer will not listen to reason, they will hear our arguments in a court of law.

AJ LAW handles all of our client’s property damage issues, so they can focus on getting well and getting back to work.

AJ LAW, In Phoenix Holds Insurers Accountable For Denied Insurance Claims

You may have heard stories about someone who has paid their insurance premiums for many years, only to find out that the first time they file a claim, it was denied by the insurance company or worse the insurance company canceled the policy.

Our law firm has zero tolerance for this kind of unjust, unethical behavior toward policy holders. So, do not allow this bleak outcome to happen to you. If you believe you have a claim for property damage, call us to ensure that you do not get cheated by your insurance company.

You can reach us right now to schedule a free consultation. Call 602-904-7233, or remain at our website to communicate by email.