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Do I Have Grounds For An Auto Accident Claim?

Every day in Arizona and nationally, serious accidents involving cars, trucks, large commercial vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians cause catastrophic injuries and tragic death.

This sad trend will most likely never end — nor will our firm’s longstanding commitment to protecting the rights of injured people in the State of Arizona.

We are the skillful, experienced and compassionate personal injury attorneys of AJ LAW, PLC.

Seriously injured victims of accidents caused by negligence, and accidents causing fatal injuries to loved ones, know to expect more of quality legal services we have offered for many years:

  • Direct access to a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney
  • Detailed investigation of the circumstances of your accident and resulting damages
  • Vehicle property damage and rental issues resolved free of charge
  • Identification of all available sources of recovery
  • Experienced negotiators ensure fair and just financial settlements
  • Trial attorneys who are ready to litigate your matter in court if a lawsuit is necessary

Our goal for every personal injury claim is maximum financial compensation for our clients, so that all accident-related losses can be recovered — lost wages and medical expenses, for example, plus motor vehicle replacement costs and, when possible, punitive damages that reflect pain, suffering and trauma.

After An Auto Accident, We Are Your Personal Injury Lawyers

As former insurance defense lawyer (AJ) and adjusters in our own right, we are able to provide inside knowledge to give you a decided advantage, start to finish. Our experience in the insurance claims process and understanding of insurance policies and coverage allows us to effectively work with the insurance companies to provide them with the information they need to successfully recover the full value of your claim.

Our experienced legal team will explain the roles of bodily injury claims (BI), medical liens and expenses, medical payments coverage, uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) motorist coverages, property damage claims (PD) and any other insurance-related factors you should be aware of. At AJ LAW you receive the best of our attentive personal service and utmost accessibility to your questions and concerns.

For your added convenience, AJ LAW, offers free initial consultations, home and hospital room visits, and a contingency fee policy that frees you of responsibility from any upfront or out of pocket legal fees.

Call today — 602-904-7233. All email messages and calls are promptly answered.