It only takes a split-second for a serious car accident to occur in Arizona that causes an innocent person to suffer a life-changing injury, such as a spinal cord injury. People in such situations often feel worried about their future and how they will deal with the financial ramifications of a catastrophic injury. These fears are understandable, as life with a spinal cord injury can be very costly.

The costs of medical care following a spinal cord injury

The Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation reports that on average, a person with a high tetraplegia injury can anticipate paying roughly 1 million dollars in medical care the first year of their injury. A person with a low tetraplegia injury can expect to pay around $769,000 for medical care the first year of their injury. A person with a paraplegia injury will pay around $518,000 for medical care the first year of their injury. Finally, those who suffer an injury that causes incomplete motor function will pay approximately $347,000 for medical care the first year of their injury.

These costs are truly staggering. However, they may not be surprising, given the many medical expenses that accompany a spinal cord injury. Those with spinal cord injuries may need surgery, trauma care, physical rehabilitation, therapy, in-home medical aids, medical equipment and prescription strength pain killers and antibiotics. With all this in mind, it is easy to see why spinal cord injuries can be financially catastrophic.

Don’t count on insurance to meet all your needs 

People suffering from spinal cord injuries might assume that the negligent party’s insurance company will cover the costs involved in treating their injury. However, insurance companies are ultimately looking out for their bottom line and may offer a settlement that is insufficient to meet all of a spinal cord injury victim’s financial needs.

It is at times like this that consulting with an attorney with an extensive background in insurance law can be helpful. These professionals can forcefully advocate for their clients in settlement negotiations and in trial if the case goes that far. Spinal cord injury victims deserve maximum compensation for all they lost so they can focus on recovery, rather than worrying about medical bills. Knowing they have a legal advocate on their side can go a long way in assuaging these fears.