Getting injured in a car accident can change your life. Not only do you have to deal with the expensive costs it takes to recover, but the daily pain and suffering you face in the aftermath can make it difficult for you to move past the incident.

Spinal injuries

Spinal injuries are a common type of injury in car accidents. Unfortunately, they can be quite serious. Types of spinal injuries that you might receive in a crash include:

These injuries can damage your nerves, which can cause pain, numbness or tingling in your back. A serious spinal injury can lead to extensive surgeries and even permanent disability. But if you suffered a spinal injury in a car accident, you have options that can make your recovery more affordable and bearable.

Take action after an accident-related injury

If a car accident caused your spinal injury, you should take action. Here are just three things you need to do following your accident:

  • Get medical attention immediately — If you’re in a lot of pain, this may be a no-brainer. But sometimes, spinal injuries may not make themselves known until hours — even days — after your accident. No matter how bad your injury is, you should seek medical attention as soon as you can.
  • Tell your doctor about the accident — When you do see your doctor, tell them that you were in a car accident. Their knowledge of your injury can help you build a strong personal injury claim.
  • Document your expenses — Keep a record of how much your injury is costing you. Save copies of any documents that show medical bills, treatment costs, prescription medication and even transportation costs to get to and from injury-related appointments. It’s also important to note if your injury kept you from work and for how long. Having this information can demonstrate the extent of your injuries and may get you the compensation you need for the pain and suffering your injury caused you.

You shouldn’t have to go through this ordeal alone. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you figure out compensation costs so you can focus on recovering and getting your life back.