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The advantages to having an attorney after your accident

After a traffic accident that leaves you with injuries, you may expect to call on various professionals for help and guidance. Obviously, you will want a medical team to help you regain your physical health. You may contact a mechanic to see if your vehicle can be repaired. You will likely deal with insurance adjusters who will review your claim. However, have you considered how you may benefit from having an attorney to assist you?

It may not occur to you to reach out to a legal professional following an accident. However, there are numerous reasons why this could be a wise move, especially if you have suffered injuries because of someone else's negligence. Anytime your rights are in jeopardy, seeking legal advice can improve your chances of protecting those rights. This may certainly be the case after an accident.

Common causes of fatal accidents in Arizona

Whether you drive across Phoenix for work or pleasure, you are undoubtedly aware of the dangers on the highway. As summer approaches, the traffic is sure to get heavier with young drivers getting their licenses, kids out of school heading to daily activities and tourists passing through on their way to vacation destinations.

It may not surprise you to learn that Arizona is among the most dangerous states for those who travel on the roads. Highway deaths have increased steadily over the past few years, rising 24 percent since 2014 compared to the national average of 14 percent. Recent reports reveal the most common reasons for the frightening rise in fatal accidents across the state.

Even low-speed accidents can cause a serious whiplash injury

The extent to which your car accident injuries will impact your life depends on the types of injuries you experienced and other factors. You may assume that since your accident was a low-speed collision that your injuries are not that serious, but you could be wrong. In some cases, low-speed accidents can still have a detrimental impact. 

Injuries can happen in any type of Arizona car accident. Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries, and it can happen even when vehicles are moving at a slow rate of speed when they collide. While it is a common injury, whiplash can have a significant and painful impact on a person's life for months after an accident.

Why are car accident fatalities in Arizona on the rise?

Recent statistics indicate that the number of car accidents in Arizona that result in a fatality are on the rise. This is a cause for concern among both law enforcement officials and motorists. There are many reasons why this could be happening, and readers may find it beneficial to understand how to protect themselves on the road.

Unfortunately, many car accidents are the result of negligent or reckless actions. A large number of fatal collisions and those resulting in serious injury are preventable with careful and vigilant operation of a vehicle. If you are the victim of an accident in Arizona or you lost a loved one in a fatal accident, you could have grounds to move forward with a claim.

Seeking the full amount of recovery through your injury claim

Arizona readers know that a car accident can permanently alter their lives and leave them with unexpected and unmanageable expenses. It can extremely frustrating to suffer physically and financially because of the actions of another person, but there are legal options available to you. Through a personal injury claim, you may be able to recover some of your losses.

While a personal injury claim could be a viable option for you, it is prudent to take steps to ensure you do not leave any money on the table. Instead of accepting a settlement offer or taking less than your case is actually worth, you would be wise to understand the specific types of damages you may be able to seek. You have the right to attempt to maximize the damages you can get and secure the recovery you deserve.

Protecting your interests when negotiating settlement offers

Arizona readers know that a car accident can change the course of their lives and leave them with significant injuries. Many victims of car accidents also have to deal with expensive medical treatment and face other costs that can be financially crippling. In some cases, victims of accidents have the right to seek compensation through a civil claim.

A civil claim can be an appropriate way for you to recover your financial losses as an accident victim. While litigation is sometimes necessary, it may be possible for you to seek reasonable recovery though a settlement. Whether you are negotiating these terms or you are getting offers, you would be wise to think carefully before accepting and work diligently to protect your future interests.

Self-driving cars may still cause injuries

Self-driving vehicles may be the new frontier for American drivers, but they can still be involved in serious accidents. As more and more of these cars hit the roads, motorists may find themselves involved in dangerous crashes with autonomous vehicles.

Proponents of self-driving vehicles argue that the technology may reduce the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities on American roadways. The technology that makes vehicles autonomous is very sophisticated and goes through rigorous testing. However, a recent accident in Arizona indicates that self-driving vehicles may still be involved in crashes.

Over 40 percent of Arizona's crash fatalities caused by alcohol

Many Arizonans enjoy drinking an alcoholic beverage every now and then. There is nothing wrong with knocking back a few drinks-as long as you do not get in your car and drive under the influence of alcohol.

Despite numerous public service campaigns, strict laws against drinking and driving and numerous tragedies involving drunk drivers, some people still decide to drink and drive. Far too many drivers decide to get behind the wheel rather than catching a ride, often leading to accidents, injuries and fatalities.

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